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Intellicast   (4 of 4)
Some people always turn on the cable show The Weather Channel to keep up on what's happening with the weather. That's fine for TV, but when you want to interact with really good weather information, go to Intellicast.com. This site makes it very easy to know and see all you need to know on national and local weather forecasts, satellite views and radar imagery. One caution: some pages have quite large images and take bit to load up.

Like most top quality weather sites, Intellicast has so much great information, it's hard to know where to start. A must see section is the US Visible Satellite Imagery page, which "loops" the image, just like your local TV weather person. For cable or DSL customers, try the high resolution version. Here you can control the loop, step it forward or backward, and stop it whenever you like. The international satellite imagery is available also, but be patient. It takes a moment to load.This map covers the entire globe!

The US Radar page is also great to look at. Radar is how meteorologists and climatologists (i.e., those weather guys) track thunderstorm activity. The idea is that the denser the clouds, the more radical the color on the radar charts, and the more likely rain or thunderstorms will happen in that region. There is a color coded chart at the bottom to tell you which colors are the denser cloud formations. And be sure to try out the loop for the radar, too. It shows the advancing storms really well.

When you've got a question on a certain weather-related term, head over to Intellicast's Dr. Dewpoint's Weather 101 section. There you can learn about important things like lightning, NEXRAD imagery and Indian Summers. The good doctor also has a wonderful glossary of weather terms for your fun and education. Intellicast does a wonderful job of keeping the language in layman's terms, simply written and easy to understand. So if you've ever wondered what a "wet bulb" reading is, or wanted to know more about "convective cloud" formations, take a moment and read up on the terms. You' ll be a better informed weather watcher, even if you find The Weather Channel the most interesting show on television!

Try out our Channel Engine above and look up your local weather right now. Just put in your zipcode and click on either Accuweather or Wunderground.

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