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WiseNut   (4 of 4)

WiseNut is a fairly new entrant to the already confusing field of internet database indexes, also known as search engines. WiseNut uses an interesting combination of clustering, like the very useful but sort of unknown Vivisimo search engine and a popularity algorithm, similar to the ubitiquous Google engine.

Why are companies still working on new ways to search the net? Well, much of it has to do with how much information is available and "uploaded" to the Web everyday. As the quantity of content grows, it gets harder and harder to present even a portion of the available results in an organized manner. Hence WiseNut's "WiseGuides". A simple way to say, "Hey, there is more information on that topic here".

Another really great features is the "Preferences" option. WiseNut allows you to tell it how you want the results displayed. Choose from how many to display, whether to show just titles or include the whole page summary, and whether to cluster the results or not. In case you're not familiar with clustering, it means WiseNut will group the results by topic instead of just by how many other sites link to that page or web site. It's very handy for doing indepth searches on just one topic. There are other options as well, which can help you find what you seek quicker than other engines.

Who says the Search Engine Wars are over? I'm sure Google didn't when they officially launched in 1998. And having LookSmart buy you soon after your launch says there's still room in the marketplace for well-constructed search databases, even in 2002.

-Craig Burgess, Search Engines Channel Editor

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