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Domania.com   (4 of 4)
There are some things you should never know about your neighbors. And what they paid for their house might be one of them. Well, used to be one of them. And if you thought you'd have to dig through some deep, dusty public records at your County Recorder's office to find out, you're mistaken. Just click on over to Domania.com, enter your address and your zipcode, and up pops the selling price for all the houses in your neighborhood! You think to yourself, "Isn't this illegal?" and then wonder how many other people use this to find out what you paid for yours!

This site is an amazing bit of technology. It actually taps into the 26 million sale records that are public and searchable by just about anyone that knows where to look, except it packages it up in a nice looking site with colorful graphics. Now, you won't find all the houses on your block on here. Some of the records don't go back that far, or the sale of the house is too new. But if you want to get a good grasp of what your house is worth, or a house where you'd like to move to, Domania is the place to go (side note - Texas is excluded from the database since it is a non-disclosure state).

A great feature is the "Map these results" link. It's just below the listing of the addresses and the prices of your search results. Click on it and it gives you a map of every house listed on your search results! Amazing! You don't have to wonder where that house was that sold for way over the asking price, there it is down your street, plain as day, marked with a number that corrollates to the listing above.

As if this wasn't enough, they have added more great features to the site recently. You can look at mortgage rates, use loan and mortgage calculators, and even get expert advice in a question and answer format (like an FAQ) for buyers and sellers. They also have a "Value Check" feature that gives you a glimpse of what the future value of your home might be. You must register for this feature, however.

Domania.com is a great site. Well designed, fast loading and easy to use and oddly enough, it's fun! But it really makes you wonder what other information will become available on the web. What's next, your car?

Try it on our Channel Engine above and look up a house in your neighborhood right now.



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