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The Whole World in Your Palm
By:Ivan Carvalho, Deirdre Lanning
[This great article is featured in eCompany Magazine March 2001 issue as a handy tear-out reference page for Palm and PDA users.]
Summary: The best applications, hacks, e-books and download sites for your handheld. More >>

  Web Site Review                   
Handango.com (4 of 4)
Though the name is funky, it makes more sense when you link it to the 1985 Road film "Fandango". Origins aside, this site is a great resource for Palm and PDA users. It's well organized, has good writing and graphics (used only when needed) and ranks very high on the usefulness scale for all types of PDA products.

My favorite section is "Handango's Picks", where they list what you probably should have on your Palm or PDA. This site has plenty for the novice and veteran PDA user. Even though the Services section is undeveloped, the rest of the site seems to have plenty to offer.

For finding software for any PDA, it's really tough to beat, and some of the other download sites should take a hint from them. Once you do a search for a title or keyword like "Hack", you can click on 'Palm OS® Software (100), Pocket PC Software (2), Windows® CE Software (2)' to find your operating system (otherwise known as OS) of choice. From there, Handango gives you ability to sort the search results by Product Name, Date of upload by developer, Size, Downloads(number of), and Price. Just click on the blue arrow and it rearranges the results to suit your fancy. This is extremely helpful to see what other Palm or CE users think is really useful and popular.

Try it out on our Channel Engine above, where you can search Handango right from QuickFindIt.com to find software and hardware for just about any PDA.


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