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NADA Car Guides   (4 of 4)
I've never seen a car guide site that is better designed for finding car information than NADAGuides.com. NADA says it has been in business for 68 years, so it's a cinch they know what they're doing. You can rely on NADA to supply good information in an easy-to-use format.

NADA earns four out of four stars because they are a comprehensive and well-laid out site with lots of very useful content. If you or anyone you know is thinking about buying a new or used car, use NADA and you'll be an informed consumer. NADA will tell you what the car and option packages cost the dealer and what the dealer's price really is.

It's very easy to use the pricing functions. When you select your make and model of vehicle, for instance, the packages you select automatically check off, or gray out, certain features. This feature alone makes it a real stand-out. It also makes it easier to talk turkey with your dealer, since you are using the same option and package reference numbers as what is listed on the sticker affixed to the window.

When you're done shopping for the right car or truck, you can just print out what you've found for later reference. If more people knew about this site, I'm sure it would make a dent in that mysterious "I'm giving you the invoice" price so often quoted in small, cramped, airless rooms at dealerships across the country.

Try it on our Channel Engine above and look up your favorite vehicle right now.


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