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Antique Searcher   (4 of 4)

This site is just what it seems, a place to search for antiques and collectibles. It's Yahoo-like directory can help you find items of classic or vintage origin quickly and easily.

Click here to visit AntiqueSearcher.com. It has a great collection of sites organized into directories like Antique Centers, Antique Dealers, Architectural Antiques, Art Dealers, Auctions, Collectibles, Directories Fairs and Shows – well, you get the idea. There's lots of sites to browse or search, so put on those walking shoes (or grab the mouse) and start looking.

Besides the directory and search engine, they also host antiques and collectibles classifieds, and provide free email and webhosting solutions for the antique aficionado, as well as discussion boards for helping each other find information.

It earns 4 of 4 stars because of it's easy site navigation, speed and simple design and host of services. You can also search it directly from the Antiques Channel Engine(above in the yellow area), which makes it an even better resource to find things quickly.

Try it on our Channel Engine above and do a search for your favorite item right now.
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